úterý 14. září 2010

The Big Bang Theory

Hlášky z 2. dílu 1. série BBT:

Penny: "You know, I do like the one where Lois Lane falls from the helicopter and Superman swooshes down and catches her. Which one was that?"
Raj, Howard, Leonard, Sheldon: "One."
Sheldon: "You know that scene was rife with scientific inaccuracy"
Penny: "Yes, I know, men can't fly!"
Shledon: "No, no, let's assume, they can. Lois Lane is falling, accelerating at an initial rate of thirty-two feet per second per second. Superman swoops down to save her by reaching out two arms of steel. Miss Lane, who is now traveling at approximally one hundered and twenty miles per hour, hits them and is immediately sliced into three equal pieces."
Leonard: "Unless, Superman matches her speed and decelerates."
Sheldon: "In what space, sir, in what space? She's two feet above the ground. Frankly, if he really loved her, he'd let her hit the pavement. It'd be more merciful death!"

Vtipy z 1. dílu 2. série BBT

Sheldon: "When I try to deceive I have more nervous ticks than a lime disease research facility."
(Penny stares at Sheldon)
Sheldon: "It's a joke, it relies on a homonymic relationship between the tick, the blood sucking arachnid, and tick, the involuntary muscular contraction,... I made it up myself."

Hlášky z 22. dílu 2. série BBT:

Raj: "Of course, you feel terrible. You totally screwed up your karma, dude!"
Sheldon: "You don't really believe in that superstition, do you?"
Raj: "It's not superstition, it's practically Newtonian. For every action is an equal and opposite reaction. Leonard pretends to be a friend and acts like a two-face bitch, therefore he is reborn as a banana-slug. It's actually a very elegant system. You know, what goes around, comes around!!"

Vtipy z 18. dílu 3. série BBT:

Neutron walks into a bar and asks: "How much for a drink?"
The bartender says: "For you? No charge!"
("no charge" = "zadarmo" nebo taky "bez náboje")

"Why did the chicken cross the Mobius strip?"
"To get to the same side!!"
(The Mobius strip = Mobiova páska má jen jednu stranu)

Hlášky z 19. dílu 3. série BBT:

Stuart: "Albino Bob couldn't make it so I brought a substitute. I believe, some of you know Will Wheaton.
Will Wheaton: "Hi Sheldon, how is it going?"
Sheldon: "Well, well, well, if it isn't Will Wheaton: the Green Goblin to my Spiderman, the pope Paul V to my Galileo, the Internet Explorer to my Firefox."

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  1. Sheldon: When I try to deceive I have more nervous ticks than a lime disease research facility.
    (Penny stares at Sheldon)
    Sheldon: It's a joke, it relies on a homonymic relationship between the tick the blood sucking arachnid, and tick the involuntary muscular contraction. I made it up myself.

    Zdroj: http://the-big-bang-theory.com/quotes/episode/201/